On-Ice Development

The philosophy at Atherton Hockey is that nothing should be done that does not directly transfer into a game situation. Our goals are to build skills and strategy that survive through all levels of play. Our development is not focused on player’s current situations but rather building the game that will work at the NEXT LEVEL.

Our Core Tenants:

Core Tenant #1: Connection With Players

The first thing we look to create is meaningful connection. Our players know that first and foremost we care about them and their success. Before players will listen they must trust, that is why our top priority is creating lasting connections. For this reason we keep our group very small and we strive to work with very specific players.

Core Tenant #2: Constant and Consistent Feedback

We do not believe that any drill is going to do the work for us. Players are not going to learn anything meaningful by simply running through drills. The impact we provide will come from the teaching moments that happen inside the drills. Practice simply creates habits; it is our job to ensure they are the right HABITS.

Core Tenant #3: Development is a Long-Term Game

Player development is a long process, and we are in it for the long-haul. We strongly believe in stacking development over time. We are looking to create lifetime connections that go beyond hockey and provide players support through all the ups and downs of each level. Our process will have a long-term vision in mind and we will closely create specific steps to achieve the end goals.

Core Tenant #4: Development of Strategy

It is our belief that training hockey sense is about creating habits inside game situations. We do not teach players specific patterns or plays. Our development relies on teaching players the principles that will make them successful at every level. These principles will allow them to be creative and understand a fast paced and ever changing game.

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