Video Performance Analysis

Creating success that last by understanding habits and principles.
The Player’s Struggle:
The task of understanding your own performance is as challenging as it is important.  With so much outside noise how is a player suppose to know what to take to heart and what to let fall away?  This was certainly the case for me as I grew from a youth player into a collegiate athlete to a pro.  I never had an easy time evaluating my performance; I was constantly looking outward for approval and acceptance.  I would give away all my personal power to coaches, tryout committees or even family.
Because I never knew how to accurately measure my performance it left me in the dark about where to focus all my energy.  I am sure that many players can relate to feeling like they needed to score 2 goals or stop every rush in order to have a good game.  The problem with that is that it tells us nothing about HOW to do that.  That is simply focusing on results rather than creating great habits that are repeatable.  Have you ever had a game that you felt great about only to come in the next day and find yourself moving down in the lineup?  I know that I have, and I also know how hard it is to have to go ask the coach what I did wrong.

Relying on others to give us confidence is a losing game and a habit we all need to break immediately.  We need to understand what makes us successful and then build and sustain habits that will support and improve that success.  By using VIDEO to understand how to create success we can show players what they are doing well and how they can multiply their progress.

Atherton Hockey’s Goals:

Players will create a connection with someone that will inspire them to be BOLD and UNIQUE so that they can FREE themselves from the crowd.

Players will learn to break complex situations into repeatable habits player’s will build SUSTAINABLE CONFIDENCE and develop the belief that they can positively impact their own performance.

Players will learn about GREATNESS by watching the habits of the world’s best performers and learn to imitate their success and grow from their mistakes without having to experience them.

The Process – – Through the use of VIDEO ANALYSIS we will do the following:

  • Analyze and breakdown 2 – 4 games / mo.
  • Create player identity / Habit list
  • Develop a customized success measurement tool
  • Measure play vs. our metric
  • Plan improvement
  • Re-measure play

The Results:

  • Completely clarity about performance
  • Total understanding of how to repeatedly generate success
  • Authentic and unbreakable confidence
  • Stackable development

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